Excellence. Awareness. Opportunity

2010-2013 Strategic Plan

For nearly 100 years, the American Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE) has been the organization of choice for tens of thousands of members of the chamber of commerce profession. As economies, communities and societies have changed, so too has ACCE. It's time once again to adjust our course to serve your future needs.

The 2010-13 Strategic Plan recognizes rapidly evolving information technologies, as well as the learning styles of a new generation of chamber and regional association leaders. It embodies the wisdom and enthusiasm of a dedicated group of volunteers and staff. ACCE's new direction focuses less on avenues of delivery, which are changing almost too fast to identify, and more on the desired outcomes for you and your chamber.

As an ACCE member, you are the customer, the product and the owner of this enterprise. We will be counting on you to fulfill all three roles as we make this plan a reality.

In order to fulfill ACCE's vision, so that you can fulfill yours, we will focus on three strategic directions over the next three years: Excellence, Awareness, and Opportunity.

Excellence: Personal, Professional, and Organizational Development

In this plan, you will be encouraged to discover your own aspirational definitions of excellence. ACCE will then help you work toward embodying those ideals.

Awareness: Situational, Intellectual, Actionable 

The need for up-to-date and reliable information on trends, policy background, human resources, economic development, and demographics will grow as chambers find their way into the next economy. Making ACCE's Information Office a living, growing information resource is our most important goal for the immediate future.

Opportunity: Organizational and Professional

Business model adaptations, organizational reconstruction and mission expansion/retraction will be the norm in the future chamber world. Finding new ways to make, save and invest resources will be critical for your community and members. By increasing the public understanding of the impact of chambers, we can further increase your opportunities.

Five new strategic directions to achieve ACCE's mission and vision:

  1. Get the information you need from ACCE when you need it. We will provide information and learning opportunities through a wider and more accessible media mix.

  2. Effective peer groups are essential to grow your personal and organizational networks. ACCE will expand and diversify opportunities for one-on-one connections.

  3. Your ACCE membership connects you with opportunities. We must examine core investment and program pricing, expand resources and accommodate varying levels of engagement to maximize your membership value.

  4. The story of your chamber's value and potential needs to be shared outside of chamber circles. ACCE will be in the forefront of telling that story.

  5. Our collective voice and buying power carries influence. ACCE needs to leverage your critical position in your community through marketing partners and foundation sources.

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