Staff Directory


Alysia Bell Director, Education Business Coalition 213-580-7535
Stacey Breslin Vice President, Benefits Services 703-998-3549
Lisa Burch Benefits Services Associate 703-998-3531
Jacqui Cook Chief Financial Officer 703-998-3528
Mick Fleming President 703-998-3537
Yodit Gebreyes Registration Coordinator 703-998-3579
Danielle James Executive Assistant to the President 703-998-3537 
Dana Ketterling Resource Development Officer 703-861-9382
Tania Kohut Manager, Communications & Marketing 703-998-3532
Colleen Logan Manager, Benefit Services 703-998-3551
Susan McGuire Manager, Professional Development & Programs 703-998-3572
Chris Mead Senior VP, Member & Sponsor Relations 703-998-3545
Crystal Moore Vice President, Professional Development & Convention 703-998-3550
Lydia Mugga Database Administrator 703-998-3527
Sarah Myers Director, Information & Research 703-998-3524
Hannah Nequist Community Advancement Coordinator   703-998-3521
Kim Nguyen Accounting Manager 703-998-3525
Shonda Norris Benefits Services Associate 703-998-3526
Tamara Philbin COO and Membership Management 703-998-3533
Cheryl Roberts Office/Membership Coordinator 703-998-3548
Analidia Ruiz Manager, Education Attainment Division   213-580-7551 
Ian Scott Vice President, Communications and Networks 703-998-3530
Holly South Director, Information & Research 703-998-3524
Michelle Vegliante Community Advancement Coordinator 703-998-3536
Tenja Young Development Coordinator 703-998-3534
Paris Williams Web Design & Graphic Design Manager 703-998-3542


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