2013 Economic Growth Track Pack - (5 Sessions)

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Captured live from the 2013 ACCE Annual Convention in Oklahoma City. Duration: 6 hours, 31 minutes. Economic Growth Track Pack includes:






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Convention Keynote: John A. Doggett, J.D./MBA - (Video)
Presented by: John A. Doggett, J.D./MBA, Senior Lecturer, Department of Management, University of Texas Convention Track Packs/JDCoversm.jpgIn this informative and fast-paced keynote, John Doggett prsents three key messages. First, what the key changes that are going on and the implications of impact they are having on our country and in our communities. Second, what the areas of innovation are that chambers should be aware of. Third, what chambers of commerce can do to make a difference in where we are today.


Growing Together: Economic Development and Membership Collaboration

Moderated by: Jim Vaughan, CCE, Market Street Services
Presented by: Brent McCoy and Ryan Mooney, Springfield (MO) Chamber of Commerce Convention Track Packs/GTEMCsm.jpg

When your economic development and membership teams work in convert, the region's economy and the chamber's top line reap benefits. Learn how membership can better capitalize on economic development successes and help generate leads for expansions/projects.



Master Class: OKC Renaissance - A Case Study - (Video)
Moderated and presented by: Roy Williams, CCE, Greater Oklahoma City Chamber
Presented by: Mick Cornett, Mayor, Oklahoma City; Ron Norick and Kirk Humphreys, Former Mayors of Oklahoma City; Cynthia Reed, Greater Oklahoma City Chamber; Pat McFerron, CMA Strategies Convention Track Packs/OKCsm.jpgThe biggest developments in OKC since the Land Rush of 1889 are the Metropolitan Area Projects (MAP's), a series of visionary capital improvement programs led by city officials and the OKC Chamber for new and upgraded sports, recreation, entertainment, education, cultural and convention facilities. The result is a stunning transformation of the city and a model for public-private partnerships. OKC leaders will provide an overview of the MAP's initiatives, explain how to run a public campaign amid shifting public opinion, and describe how they translated community development into economic growth.

Education: A New Corporate-Civic Approach
Moderated by: Jack Scott, Los Angeles Area Chamber
Presented by: Greg Darnieder, U.S. Dept. of Education; Wes Jury, Arlington (TX) Chamber of Commerce Convention Track Packs/Educatesm.jpgFind out how business leaders, working through their chambers of commerce, are taking bold steps to realign corporate-civic structures to tackle postsecondary education challenges. 



Measuring Success: Evolving Economic Development Metrics

Presented by: J. Mac Holladay, CCE, Market Street Services; Jay Byers, Greater Des Moines Partnership; Duane O'Neill, Greater Jackson (MS) Chamber Partnership Convention Track Packs/meassuccesssm.jpgJobs and capital investment are important outcomes of economic development, but the Great Recession has changed everything. Many economic development organizations are exploring new ways to evaluate success and report results. In this session, we will explore innovation and changes in the economic development mnetrics landscape.





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