2013 Marketing & Messaging Track Pack - (4 Sessions)

Click to see if your organization has already purchased this product. Convention Track Packs/Marketing---Messaging-Track-Pack-Cover_260x195.jpgCaptured live from the 2013 ACCE Annual Convention in Oklahoma City. Duration: 4 hours, 13 minutes. Marketing & Messaging Track Pack includes:






Cost: $99.00
Pricing is for 1 year of unlimited access for all your chamber staff

Developing a Strategic Communications Plan
Presented by: John Brewer, Billings (MT) Chamber; Kelly Hall, CCE, Longview (TX) Chamber Convention Track Packs/dscsm.jpg

A team of experts explains the process of developing and executing a chamber's strategic communications plan.




Rebranding Roundtable - (Video)
Presented by: Candace Boothby, CCE, Newnan Coweta (GA) Chamber; Latricia Trice, Grand Rapids (MI) Chamber; Maria Vandervert, Greater Spokane (WA) Incorporated Convention Track Packs/rrsm.jpgHear from three chambers about how they rebranded, from planning and budgeting through implementation. Learn how results were measured, what pitfalls to avoid and tips you can use to make your rebranding process easier.



Communications Technologies and Trends
Presented by: Caitlin Kaluza, Schipul - The Web Marketing Company Convention Track Packs/commtechsm.jpgIts' still a fast-changing world, especially where technology and communications intersect. An expert explains the most powerful technology tools that today's communicators should use. 




Growing Memberships and Non- Dues Revenue

Presented by: Jeff Kline, Accrinet Corporation Convention Track Packs/gmsm.jpgGet details on the proper use of social networking sites and internet marketing and how they can grow your membership and non-dues revenue.





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