2014 Economic Development & Membership Track Pack - (6 Sessions)

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Captured live from the 2014 ACCE Annual Convention in Cincinnati.  Duration: 7 hours, 52 minutes.  Economic Development & Membership Track Pack includes:  Segmenting the Small Business Market; Sustainable Membership Growth; Growing Diverse Businesses; Collective Impact: A Powerful Framework for Transformative Change in Communities; Quality of Place as an Economic Driver; and Tapping the Entrepreneurial Culture.  


Cost: $99.00
Pricing is for 1 year of unlimited access for all your chamber staff.  Economic Development & Membership Track Pack includes:


Segmenting the Small Business Market
Presented by:  Steve Millard, CCE, President & Executive Director, COSE


If you've seen one small business, you've seen EXACTLY one small business.  As the majority population in most chamber memberships, small business owners are often the toughest to satisfy, understand, and retain.  Hear from chamber pros about unique approaches to slicing and dicing the small business market to more effectively serve it.


Sustainable Membership Growth
Presented by:  Jay Handler, Co-Founder, Membership180

Examine ways to get more engagement from your members, staff, volunteers, and even your board of directors, in this lively seminar about recruiting, engaging, and retaining members for the long-term.


Growing Diverse Businesses
Presented by:  Nika White, Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion, Greater Greenville Chamber of Commerce; Crystal German, VP, Economic Inclusion, Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber


If your chamber lacks a support structure for minority-owned businesses, you're missing one of the fastest growing segments of potential future members.  In this session, a panel will provide valuable case studies on effective business development programs for women and minority-owned businesses. 


Collective Impact: A Powerful Framework for Transformative Change in Communities
Presented by:  Shiloh Turner, Vice President for Community Investment, Greater Cincinnati Foundation; Mary Stagaman, Vice President for Regional Initiatives, Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber of Commerce, and Executive Director, Agenda 360 


Cincinnati is a center for social innovation, thanks to its "Collective Impact" framework for systemic community change.  Leaders from the region will explain collective impact, and provide concrete examples of how it is transforming Cincinnati and other communities.  


Quality of Place as an Economic Driver
Presented by:  David Brown, President & CEO, Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce; Brad Lacy, CCE, President & CEO, Conway (AR) Area Chamber of Commerce; J. Mac Holliday, CCE, Founder & CEO, Market Street Services 


 You know a great place when you see it, but how do you transform the place your chamber represents from "nice" to great?  And how do you measure progress along the way?  this panel session will feature case studies on place-making from chambers who've led efforts promoting arts, parks, parking, transit, and more. 


Tapping the Entrepreneurial Culture
Presented by:  Penny Lewandowski, Vice President, Entrepreneurship & Strategic Direction; Michael Dalby, President & CEO, Columbus Chamber of Commerce; Sean Kennedy, Manager, St. Petersburg Greenhouse; Christa Tinsley Spaht, Project Manager, Market Street Services


Engaging start-ups and second-stage companies takes more than a new event or program.  It requires a culture shift, and often a mindset shift, but the effort can pay huge dividends for your community and your chamber.



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