2015 Chamber Events Training Conference (6 sessions)

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Selected sessions are captured live from the 2015 ACCE Chamber Events Training Conference in New Orleans, LA. Duration: 6 hours, 35 minutes. Sessions include 60 Event Ideas in 60 MinutesChamber Events: Strategy, Operations, & Profits; Event Promotion through Community Partnerships; Harnessing the Power of Social Media for your Next Event; Internal Performance Assessments for Chamber Events; and Your Annual Meeting: the Event of the Year!

Cost: $99.00
Pricing is for 1 year of unlimited access for all your chamber staff. Sessions include:


60 Event Ideas in 60 Minutes


Modeled after the popular ACCE Annual Convention session on membership, this session features conference participants, who share great event ideas that work for their chambers. Written notes of the session and each great idea are included with the recording.


Chamber Events: Strategy, Operations, & Profits
Presented by:  Brad Lacy, President & CEO, Conway (AR) Chamber of Commerce

Special events are a time-honored way for Chamber members to network, learn, and celebrate. But many Chamber events can lack strategic purpose and become hard to sell, including those inherited from previous administrations. In this session, Brad Lacy provides insights, information, and examples of memorable, mission-oriented events with clear value to Chambers and their members - from large community festivals to niche events such as those targeted to small businesses.


Event Promotion through Community Partnerships
Presented by: Krystan Hosking, Director of Events, New Orleans Chamber of Commerce


Learn how to market and promote your successful chamber event – without spending any marketing dollars! Krystan Hosking, Director of Events at the New Orleans Chamber of Commerce, shares how the Chamber partners with other area businesses and organizations to promote and host its vibrant program of educational, networking, and community events.


Harnessing the Power of Social Media for Your Next Event
Presented by: Tiffany Starnes, Vice President, FSC Interactive


Social media can be a powerful tool in generating excitement about your next Chamber event. Learn how the principles of Plan, Promote, Engage, and Extend can help you promote your event and engage participants before, during, and after it is over. 


Internal Performance Assessments for Chamber Events
Presented by: Tom Kern, Executive Director, Elk Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce


Learn how to improve dramatically the financial performance of any Chamber program or event in this session led by Tom Kern, who has organized successful community and Chamber events of all sizes for decades. You’ll come away with the tools and a format for evaluating the financial performance of your next event, and learn about Chambers who have used these methods to achieve significant improvements in event financial performance.


Your Annual Meeting - the Event of the Year!
Presented by: Shawna Burton, Director of Programs and Products, Greater Louisville Inc.


Think out of the box, and turn your annual meeting into the “must attend” business networking event of the year. Shawna Burton of Greater Louisville Inc. will share creative ways to make your event interactive and memorable, recruit a great (free) keynote speaker, and make money while communicating the mission of your organization to the business community.



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