2015 Convention Education Attainment & Workforce Development Track Pack (3 Sessions)

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Captured live from the 2015 ACCE Annual Convention in Montreal. Duration: 3 hours, 26 minutes. Sessions include Businesses Upskilling Frontline Workers; From Collaboration to Collective Impact; and Creating a College & Career Ready Talent Pipeline.


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Pricing is for 1 year of unlimited access for all your chamber staff.  Educational Attainment and Workforce Development Track Pack includes:

Businesses Upskilling Frontline Workers

Presented by:  Bridget Netter, Director of Business Education Partnerships, UNITE-LA; Martha Rush-Mueller, Director of Public/Non-Profit Partnerships, College for America; and Haley Glover, Director, Convening Strategy - Lumina Foundation


There is an employer-led movement to expand the pipeline of skilled workers, starting with the incumbent workforce. Learn innovative approaches from employers who help employees access degrees, credentials, and licenses as an investment in the growthg of their businesses.

Educational Outcomes: From Collaboration to Collective Impact
Presented by:  CarrieShapton, Senior Manager, LA Compact, Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce; IanFletcher, Vice President of Education & Talent Alignment, Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce; Alicia Berhow, Vice President of Workforce Development and Advocacy, Orange County Business Council; and Mary Stagaman, Vice President for Regional Initiatives, Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber of Commerce, and Executive Director, Agenda 360

Collective Impact—bringing different community stakeholders together to define a social problem and coordinate a shared mission to fix it—can transform how communities tackle educational issues. Learn from chambers who lead such efforts as intermediaries and backbone organizations that change collaboration to collective impact.

Creating a College and Career Ready Talent Pipeline
Presented by:  Michelle Henry, Vice President and Senior Philanthropy Manager, JPMorgan Chase & Co.; Marc Hill, Chief Policy Officer, Nashville Chamber of Commerce; and Drew Scheberle, Senior Vice President, Federal/State Advocacy & Education/Talent Development, Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce


In the global quest for talent, companies go where the skilled workers are. How do chambers work with businesses and education institutions to ensure students have the skills and training needed to meet regional workforce demands.


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