2016 Convention Communications and Marketing Track Pack (5 Sessions)

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Captured live from the 2016 ACCE Annual Convention in Savannah. Duration: 3 hours, 36 minutes. Sessions include Communicating Policy Priorities; Anatomy of a Winning Campaign; Blogs by Blogging Bloggers; Video: Worth a Million (Savannah); and MarComm Metrics.



Cost: $49.00

Pricing is for 1 year of unlimited access for all of your chamber staff. Communications and Marketing Track Pack includes:

Communicating Policy Priorities
Presented by: Kate Catlin Payne, Vice President of Communications, North Carolina Chamber; and Justin Groenert, Director of Public Policy and Government Relations, Southwest Indiana Chamber (IN)


Chambers of commerce are uniquely positioned to "rally the troops" when game-changing community projects are at stake. Learn how peer organizations use the strength of their membership to successfully garner the attention of lawmakers and other audiences. The presentation is half audio-only, half with presentation slides.


Anatomy of a Winning Campaign
Presented by:  Scott Crockatt, Director of Marketing & Communications, Calgary Chamber (AB)

From campaigns focused on talent attraction to ones centered on boosting membership, we'll review what works and what doesn't, how to measure effectiveness, and what strategies can take a campaign from losing to winning.


Blogs by Blogging Bloggers
Presented by: Michelle West, President, Chamber Speak; and Laurel Egan Kenny, Founder and President, Turningpoint Communications


In this session we explore blogs and how blogging can be an effective tactic for your organization to deliver content, build brand awareness, and add value to membership. Also hear strategies of chambers that have been the subject of flattering - and not so flattering - blog posts.


Video: Worth a Million (Savannah presentation)

Presented by:  Jeremy Harvey, Vice President, Communications & Marketing, Savannah Area Chamber of Commerce (GA)


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. Chambers have used video to parody pop stars and persuade policymakers. See surprising ways peers are using video to win clicks and minds.


MarComm Metrics
Presented by:  Nick Mattar, Director of Marketing, Detroit Regional Chamber


Brush up on your knowledge and learn how to use easy-to-gather metrics to gauge audience interest, identify opportunities for improvement, and communicate your organizations's success to stakeholders.




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