2017 ACCE Convention: Catalytic Leaders for the Chamber of Tomorrow

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Catalytic Leaders for the Chamber of Tomorrow

Presented by:  Adam Legge, President & CEO, Calgary Chamber; Scott Crockatt, Director of Marketing and Communications, Calgary Chamber (Alberta); Aaron Kroontje, Director of Digital and Technology, Calgary Chamber; Rebecca Wood, Director of Member Services, Calgary Chamber

Join us for a fast-paced spin through four different chamber projects focused on one goal: creating the chamber of the future. Using the energetic (and often hilarious) “disrupt” presentation style, the Calgary Chamber's leadership team will present short lessons on topics spanning total chamber transformation, digital platforms, killing networking events, member value exploration, and more while highlighting the successes, failures, and lessons learned. Horizon Initiative concepts will be applied to real-world chamber challenges. 

Cost: $15.00
Pricing is for 1 year of unlimited access for all your chamber staff.

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