2017 ACCE Convention: Place Branding and the Battle for Talent

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Place Branding and the Battle for Talent
Presented by: Dariel Curran, Senior Vice President, Development Counsellors International (Moderator); Adrienne Cole, President & CEO, Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce (N.C.); Caitlin Holland, Vice President of Investor Relations, Shoals Chamber of Commerce (Ala.); and Sybil Topel, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce (Tenn.) (Panelists)


Chambers that are effective in telling a story about what it means to live and work in a community make it more enticing for workers of all ages to be a part of that story. Hear from a panel of chamber executives who have been successful in developing, curating, and marketing their communities’ brands to current and potential members of the workforce. Learn how to identify opportunities for branding, and how to market that brand for talent attraction, talent retention, and overall economic development.

Cost: $15.00
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