LIVE! ACCE Convention Keynote 2012: Mick Fleming

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Live from Louisville: Mick Fleming and his closing plenary on Deathbed Confessions. What if you could know now what you'll know then? After more than a decade at ACCE's helm, Mick Fleming has heard hundreds of lessons learned the hard way from chamber executives who've moved up, moved out, retired, been fired or gone to jail. He'll compile years of stoies into seven deadly sins and seven glowing virtues; the mistakes to aboid and traits to emulate in your chamber career.

In this highly attended convention session, hear Mick talk about the seven deadly sins and seven glowing virtues to leading chambers of commerce.

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Mick Fleming, President
American Chamber of Commerce Executives

Mick Fleming is the President of the American Chamber of Commerce Executives, where he serves the needs of 1,300+ chambers of commerce and related organizations. Mr. Fleming's diverse career has included teaching, coaching, publishing, management, marketing and lobbying positions. He spent 15 years in senior management positions with the Business Council of New York State. As CEO of the Manufacturers Association of Central New York, he represented industrial companies in nine counties. In his early career, he was a teacher, football coach and piblisher of weekly newspapers. he has served as both volunteer officer and board member in local chambers of commerce. He currently holds a seat on the board of directors of Partners for Livable Communities and Vice Chairman of the World Chambers Federation. He has also served on two university boards, professional societies, health care coalitions, and even a ballet company board. He is a graduate and faculty member of the Ford Foundation Fellowship for Regional Sustainable Development. He authored a book about effective grassroots lobbying techniques: Making Your Chamber Make a Difference, and has published dozens of articles and speeches on non-profit management and community leadership.

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