Career Building for the Chamber Professional

by Eric N. Peterson

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Career Building for the Chamber Professional

Career Building for the Chamber Professional: A Definitive Guide to Moving Up in the Chamber World provides insights into the job search process for chamber leaders, and, by doing so, limit your zigging and zagging to reach your goal. This book is designed to offer practical advice and wisdom, based in part on the author's own observations and experiences, as well as comments from others within the chamber profession. The advice and tips here are designed to help you overcome some of the obstacles you may face and help you secure your next chamber leadership position. Don't let your chamber position be just a job, make it a career. "Fantastic! A 'must have' for any executive contemplating their next step," says Kristofer T. Johnson, IOM, President & CEO, Tri-City (WA) Area Chamber of Commerce.  Written by Eric Peterson at Waverley Partners.

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