Taming the Troublesome Board Member

by Katha Kissman

Taming the Troublesome Board Member

Addressing troubling behavior in a timely manner can make the difference between troubling and troublesome. Organized as a reference guide, Taming the Troublesome Board Member lays out a blueprint for avoiding and resolving the challenge of disruptive board members. It explores the root of troublesome behaviors and helps identify and address problems quickly and with as much grace as possible. Real-life case study examples illustrate specific behaviors with analysis and recommendations on the best next steps, in any boardroom. Board chairs will find this book empowering and accessible as the board leaders who need to take action. Chief executives and consultants will also benefit from this resource in an effort to understand what might be causing trouble in the boardroom. From micromanaging and undermining the board chair to silence in board meetings and founder syndrome, Taming the Troublesome Board Member addresses more than 25 different types of troublesome behavior. Available through BoardSource with member and non-member pricing.

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