When we are the foreigners: What Chinese think about working with Americans

by John Doggett, Orlando Kelm, Haiping Tang

Of course it is a matter of your starting point, but as Americans, don’t we usually think of the other guys as the foreigners? After all, they are the ones who talk with an accent, right? When We Are the Foreigners provides readers a new perspective, seeing international business from the vantage point of the Chinese. What is it like for them to handle working with Americans?

The eight case studies illustrate many of the cultural issues that bewilder Americans and Chinese when they interact with one another. The Chinese contributors simply tell their story from their perspective. These stories are followed up with outstanding explanations and recommendations from experts, both American and Chinese, who have worked in this environment for years. When We Are the Foreigners, although informal in style, provides insightful commentary for both the novice and the experienced, and for the student as well as the professional.

All three of the authors enjoy working, consulting, and researching the cultural aspects of international business. Orlando R. Kelm has published books and articles on the subject of business culture, specializing in the teaching of foreign language for professional purposes and the use of innovative technologies in education. John N. Doggett is an award winning lecturer and frequent invited speaker, specializing in growth strategies, global competition, and entrepreneurship. Haiping Tang is a technology marketer, with expertise in global product launch and China market entry strategies.

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