Who Owns The Ice House?: Eight Life Lessons From an Unlikely Entrepreneur

by Gary Schoeniger and Clifton Taulbert

Who Owns the Ice House? is a true story that takes place in the Mississippi Delta at the height of legal segregation. This was a time when opportunities for African-Americans were limited by cultural and legal constraints that were beyond their control. For most, it was a time and place where opportunities seemed out of reach. Yet, and ordinary man named Uncle Cleve stood out as someone who defied convention and triumphed over adversity as an entrepreneur.

Who Owns the Ice House? highlights eight life-lessons Uncle Cleve passed along to his young nephew, Clifton Taulbert. Drawing on the wisdom he gained from his Uncle Cleve, the book chronicles author Taubert's journey to be as what Time Magazine referred to as "one of our nation's most outstanding entrepreneurs." While Taulbert describes the life-changing influences of his Uncle Cleve, Schoeniger captures the entrepreneurial life lessons that can empower anyone to succeed.

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