Unlocking Entrepreneurship: A Handbook for Economic Developers

by Swati Ghosh, Shari Garmise

Unlocking Entrepreneurship: A Handbook for Economic Developers

In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, the capacity of a community's entrepreneurial firms will be the driving force behind economic recovery, job creation, greater resiliency in the face of disasters, and regional economic transformation. For economic developers charged with job and wealth creation in their communities, the significance of entrepreneurship requires them to adapt their practice to focus on access to tools, strategies, networks and institutions that support entrepreneurial firms.

Unlocking Entrepreneurship: A Handbook for Economic Developers has been developed by IEDC under the guidance of its Economic Development Research Partners (EDRP) Program. It introduces economic development professionals to the increasingly urgent need to support entrepreneurship as a necessary strategy, explains what entrepreneurship is and who entrepreneurs are, dissects the essential components of an entrepreneurship ecosystem, and includes a toolkit for practitioners to assess and implement economic development strategies in their communities. Several case studies of entrepreneurial firms as well as organizations that support these businesses provide an insight into the variety of policies and programs out there to support and foster entrepreneurship in a community.

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