Preventing Fraud in Nonprofit Organizations

by Edward J. McMillan, CPA, CAE

Fraud or embezzlement discovered within a major corporation ultimately leads to front-page scandals and a few raised eyebrows. But the mere suggestion or evidence of fraud within a nonprofit can cause irreversible damage to its reputation, its support base, and, eventually, its very existence. Preventing Fraud in Nonprofit Organizations is the proactive manual your organization needs to detect fraud and prevent it from affecting your organization's bottom line and name. Brimming with details of hundreds of actual fraud and embezzlement schemes, it provides specific, practical advice on strengthening the areas in which your nonprofit may be most vulnerable. Click on the Amazon book cover to select your preferred book format (i.e. print or ebook).

Ed McMillan, CPA, is a member of the Society of Certified Fraud Examiners and has uncovered hundreds of embezzlements. This practical guide to fraud avoidance is a must-have book for the organization that is serious about protecting its assets against employee dishonesty.


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