Sales Contest

Benchmark your sales success against like sized organizations by submitting your quarterly sales figures. The top sales professionals in each of the four dues income categories will be recognized based on total number of individual sales and on total dollar amount.  For more information on the contest read the Sales Contest Rules & Regulations.

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To submit your 2015-2016 Quarter 1 numbers, please use this form.  The deadlines for quarterly submissions are: 

1st Quarter (June 1- August 31) - September 8, 2015
2nd Quarter (September 1- November 30) - December 7, 2015
3rd Quarter (December 1- February 28) - March 7, 2016
4th Quarter (March 1- May 31)- June 6, 2016 

The final 2014-2015 contest results are in!  To see our winners, click here.  For a press release template to be used by our winners, click here.

To access the full 2014-2015 results for Quarters 1, 2, 3, and 4, click on the categories below:


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