CCE Eligibility Requirements

Applicants are required to have at least six years of senior-level chamber management experience and be currently employed in a senior-level chamber management position.  In order to be considered a senior level manager, the applicant must manage a staff, a budget, programs, and have direct contact with the board. Applicants must also adhere to the CCE code of ethics. Earning the CCE designation is a four-step process which is outlined in the Process for Earning the CCE Designation.

CCE Code of Ethics

  1. Engage in activities that are in the best interest of the community.
  2. Demonstrate inclusive practices.
  3. Develop professional skills, knowledge and relationships necessary to be an effective leader in the community.
  4. Serve and represent the organization and community responsibly.
  5. Proactively advance the chamber profession.
  6. Exemplify the highest level of professional integrity.
  7. Serve as a visionary leader.
  8. Contribute to the financial soundness of the community and organization.
  9. Practice legal methods in all personal and professional decisions and activities.
  10. Demonstrate professional excellence in all organization management practices.

Supporting Documents Required with the Application

  1. Application
    The printout of your completed application
  2. Audited Financial Statements
    Each candidate must submit financial statements for the most recent 3 years which include at least 1 year of audited statements.
    Chambers with revenue below $500,000 must:
    - Conduct an annual review by a certified financial firm
    - Conduct an audit every three years

    Chambers with revenue of more than $500,000 must:
    - Conduct an annual review by a certified financial firm
    - Conduct an audit every other year
  3. Chamber Strategic Plan 
    - Current year
    - Past year
  4. Chamber Annual Business Plan or Program of Work
    - Current year
    - Past year
  5. Chamber Annual Reports 
    - Current year
    - Past year
  6. Your Position Description 
    The description of your duties at your current chamber
  7. Chamber Organization Chart
    A current chart of your chamber’s organization structure
  8. Personnel Manual 
    The most current version of this manual
  9. Annual Budget 
    - Current year
    - Last year
  10. Resume 
    Your resume including your present job experience
  11. References 
    You must provide 5 references and they should consist of one chamber executive from your state, two community leaders, and two volunteer chairmen or presidents within the last four years. We only need each person's name, title, organization, address, phone number, and email address.  Do not exceed 5 references.
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