Maintaining Your CCE Designation

The Certificated Chamber Executive (CCE) is the highest designation a chamber executive can earn.

Every five years Certified Chamber Executives are offered the opportunity to recertify their CCE designation by documenting ongoing involvement in the chamber industry through professional development and professional excellence.  This recertification process is called The CCE Maintenance Program.

The CCE Maintenance Program is designed to ensure that the quality of the designation is upheld and that active Certified Chamber Executives are upholding the CCE Code of Ethics.

Recertification Steps:

  • Recertification Notice: ACCE will mail reminder notices to CCEs during the year that their current CCE designation is about to expire. With that notice, the certified chamber executive will receive various maintenance forms along with an activity report that details the accumulated ACCE professional development and professional leadership points.  All of the maintenance forms are due to ACCE on or before May 15 of the following year.
  • Renewal Points: To maintain the CCE designation, a certified chamber executive must accumulate a minimum of 15 points earned via professional development or professional excellence. All points claimed must have been earned over the previous five years, since the date of CCE certification or the date of last recertification, whichever is applicable.  These points must be detailed on a CCE Maintenance Credits form and submitted to ACCE with payment of the renewal fee.  CCEs may reproduce this form or include additional pages as necessary.
  • CCE Maintenance Points Form DOC
  • If the ACCE Activity Report does not show that the Certified Chamber Executive has earned 15 points since the last renewal, the CCE will need to review the Approved Credit Hours for CCE Recertification (below) to determine where they may have earned 15 points.  Once the CCE has identified the points, they can complete the CCE Maintenance Points form.
  • CCE Maintenance Documents: To complete the process, Certified Chamber Executives should submit the following items with the renewal fee:
    1. CCE Maintenance Points Form.
    2. CCE Recertification Information Form.  This form will include the CCEs' contact list for board president, state chamber association, and complete media list.  ACCE will use this information to contact them regarding the renewal achievement.
    3. Standard Biography.
    4. Media List. The list should include complete contact information including e-mail addresses for media outlets.  ACCE prefers to receive the list electronically.
  • Renewal fees: For each five-year period, there is a renewal fee of $250 for members and $300 for non-members. It must be paid when the CCE Maintenance Form is submitted.

Credit Hours for CCE Recertification

There are a variety of ways to accumulate the required 15 hours of continuing professional education for CCE recertification. They include:


  • Undergraduate and graduate business courses related to chamber management
    (3 points each/6 points maximum)
  • ACCE Advanced Leadership Programs (i.e. Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), Aspen Institute (5 points each/10 points maximum)
  • ACCE Annual Convention (5 points each/15 points maximum)
  • Chamber management specialist conferences/seminars (i.e. IEDC)   (3 points each/12 points maximum)
  • State/regional chamber conferences/seminars (i.e. Regional Seminars, State Meetings, Metro Cities Meetings,Circle of Champions Sales Training)   (3 points each/12 points maximum)
  • ACCE DIALogue Tele-Seminars (1 point each/8 points maximum)
  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Institute for Organizational Management   (5 points each year for 6-year program/30 point maximum and 7 points per year for 4-year program/28 points maximum)
  • Other national association conferences/seminars relating to business/community organization management (i.e. ASAE)   (2 points each/12 points maximum)
  • Professional certifications earned (i.e. CAE, CPA)   (5 points each/10 points maximum)

Professional Contributions

  • Instructor, facilitator, class advisor, seminar or workshop leader at ACCE, state/regional chamber associations, related chamber/association management organizations/institutions, and other chambers   (5 points each/15 points maximum)
  • Authorship of chamber/association management book   (10 points each/10 points maximum)
  • Authorship of articles(s) published in chamber/association management journal, handbook, book or newsletter (Article cannot be a community based, nor can it be an artical produced as part of your job description) (5 points each/10 points maximum)

Professional Leadership

  • BOD Officer (Chair, Vice Chair, Treasure, etc.)
    •  Chamber Related:
      • National (20 points each/40 points maximum)
      • State/Regional/Local (15 points/45 maximum)
    • Civic Related 
      • National (10 points each/15 points maximum)
      • State/Regional/Local (5 points/15 maximum)
  • Board member
    • Chamber Related:
      • National (10 points each/20 points maximum)
      • State/Regional/Local (5 points/10 points maximum)
    • Civic Related 
      • National (5 points each/15 points maximum)
      • State/Regional/Local (3 points/12 points maximum)
  • Committee/task force Chairperson  or Officer
    • Chamber Related:
      • National (5 points each/10 points maximum)
      • State/Regional/Local (3 points/9 points maximum)
    • Civic Related 
      • National (5 points each/15 points maximum)
      • State/Regional/Local (3 points each/12 points maximum)

Professional Awards

  • National/State/Regional/Local Service Awards/Honors   (1 point each/5 points maximum)
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