Chamber Executive Current Issue

Spring 2015

How will chambers adapt and evolve over the next decade, and how will they ensure that their best days are yet to come? In 2014, ACCE launched the Horizon Initiative Task Force to tap into collective chamber wisdom and other resources to predict what your life will be like in 2025. Our goal was not to tell you what chambers would do or be in 2025; we sought instead to identify influences and how they might shape chambers and their regions.

Members of the Horizon Task Force, the ACCE Board of Directors and a score of others helped interpret information, share their own realities, articulate ideas and write this document. ACCE staff relied on trend data provided by members, but contributors made bold assumptions, many of which our readers will challenge. And that’s the idea. The value of this report lies in its potential to get you to develop your own ideas about the role of your organization in the future. So, after you've read the report, we'd like your feedback. We’ve established a special Horizon Initiative: Chambers 2025 survey at Please use the survey to tell us your thoughts and reactions.

Below is a flip book version of the complete Spring 2015 issue of Chamber Executive magazine, almost all of which is devoted to the Chambers 2015 report. (To view the flip book full-screen, click the box with four arrows at the bottom left.) A smaller document, a pdf of the report pages only, is here.



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