Chamber Executive Current Issue

Summer 2014

Changing Generations Mean
a Changing Workplace

Profound changes in demographics lead to profound changes in the workplace.
By Josh Dukelow

Some Thoughts on Millennials
Millennials are different—just like every other generation—but other generations must adapt to the forces that shaped Millennials.
By Chris Bruhl

Back to School
How One Chamber Changed a School System—and Students’ Lives
By Katherine House

Merchants of Peace
International commerce helps avoid wars, and chambers seek to enhance commerce. 
By Chris Mead 

Doing Business the Right Way
Chambers must not forget their role in promoting positive social and environmental change. 
By Anthony Parkes, CCE

It’s all in the DNA
By Betty Nokes Capestany

Mick on Memories
By Mick Fleming

Summer 2014 Issue


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