Chamber of the Year Application Process

The Chamber of the Year award is a multi-step process.  Below are the four major steps that are required for completing the Chamber of the Year award. 

Click here to view a quick reference timeline for the Chamber of the Year application process.

1. Participate in ACCE's Dynamic Chamber Benchmarking 

Chambers interested in applying for Chamber of the Year must complete ACCE's Dynamic Chamber Benchmarking by February 27, 2015. Chambers that meet minimum requirements will be notified and invited to proceed with the Chamber of the Year application process. Dynamic Chamber Benchmarking is available all year long but only chambers that complete all three sections of the platform (with Fiscal Year 2014 data) by February 27 will be considered for eligibility. You can find the platform here (login with your ACCE username and password) and more information here.

Chambers that meet minimum requirements in Dynamic Chamber Benchmarking will be notified and invited to proceed with the Chamber of the Year application process.

2. Application

The application is designed to provide a comprehensive view of your chamber's success. Chambers will be evaluated on their financial and membership performance, as well as their communication and community programs. If the organization enjoyed an exceptional year, or had a program or initiative that went above and beyond expectations, please completing the application.  Winners of the Chamber of the Year award must wait three years before submitting another application.

Chamber of the Year Application

The entry fee is $250.

3. Review

A panel of experienced chamber professionals and past Chamber of the Year award winners will review and score all of the applications. Finalists will be selected based on points awarded in this review process.  

4. Interview

The last step in the application process will be Finalist In-Person Interviews. The top three applicants in each category will be interviewed during ACCE's annual convention. Please note, the 2015 Convention will be in Montreal, Canada. Applicants will be expected to have necessary travel documentation and passports ready in the likelihood that they are named a finalist. 




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