Chamber of the Year

Program Overview

Since 2007, ACCE has annually recognized up to four chambers of commerce in various size categories for their work leading businesses and communities with the Chamber of the Year award.
The award recognizes excellence in operations, member services, and community leadership.

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Application Process

The Chamber of the Year award involves a multi-stage process, which includes Dynamic Chamber Benchmarking, application and interview.  Winners of the Chamber of the Year award must wait three years before submitting another application.

During the first two stages, chambers compete against the numbers. As finalists, they compete against other chambers within their category. COY judges reserve the right to decline to name a winner in a category where no applicants meet expectations.  

Staff and volunteer committee discretion will determine the size category of each entry, using a 5-factor equation from the Dynamic Chamber Benchmarking Platform including: 

  • Population in the service area
  • Number of businesses in the service area                                                                                                                                                                                                              
  • Total number of member accounts
  • Total annual revenue
  • Restricted revenue as a percentage of total revenue


Chamber of the Year Resources


Publicity and National Exposure

Chamber of the Year winners and finalists will experience heightened national attention via media advisories and a press conference. Finalists and winners are authorized to use the appropriate version of the Chamber of the Year logo in promoting their chambers and communities.

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