Special Sessions

Wednesday, August 10

Principles & Priorities: An Interactive Federal Budget Workshop

2:30–4:30 p.m. | Room 203

Principles & Priorities is an interactive budget exercise in which participants consider federal spending priorities, tax policy, and entitlement reform, and apply their personal principles to determine priorities for the federal government. Working in small groups, you will negotiate and build consensus among policy alternatives, and ultimately put forward a budget plan to put America on a sound fiscal foundation for the future. There is no charge for this session, but pre-registration is required; session is limited to 50 participants. Sign up at www.ACCE.org/BudgetWorkshop.

Budget Workshop Workbook

Budget Workshop Options Book

Thursday, August 11

Employer ROI - Talent Investment Pays Off

9–10:15 a.m. | Room 205

Investing in college tuition as an employee benefit helps companies attract and retain top talent, but new studies show there's another compelling reason for employers to embrace the benefit: it improves the bottom line. Learn more about Lumina Foundation’s ROI studies and how your chamber can encourage member companies to support employee postsecondary education by illuminating the bottom-line benefits. Pre-registration not required.

The CEO as Urban Statesman

11 a.m.–12:15 p.m. | Room 103

Given many CEOs’ unique position in the community, they can often address challenges too big for political leaders to solve alone. Drawing from successful case studies and a long civic leadership career, hear one retired chamber president’s eight rules for successful urban statesmanship. Pre-registration not required.

Friday, August 12

Attitude of a Champion Chamber

8–9 a.m. | Oglethorpe Auditorium

Today’s chamber environment is more competitive than ever. Every day you have to perform, educate, and deliver for your members. Otherwise, those members simply choose not to renew. Champion Chambers understand this. In this inspiring session, learn how the right attitude, mental toughness, and ability to change and adapt quickly must permeate every department of your organization. Pre-registration not required.

Beyond Horizon

9–10 a.m. | Oglethorpe Auditorium 

This lively onstage exchange between Rebecca Ryan, a well-known futurist, economist and brain shaker, and ACCE President Mick Fleming (head chef of the 2015 Horizon Initiative) will feature an informal give-and-take examination on the future of communities, regions and business led organizations. Pre-registration not required.


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