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We must adequately prepare our students for post-secondary education attainment and 21st century careers to meet the economic challenges of the coming decades. Business leaders need the future workforce to engage in Deeper Learning, meaning they are mastering core academic content while also learning how to think critically, collaborate, communicate effectively, direct their own learning, and see the relevance of their schoolwork to success in the real world. Chambers can lead collaborative efforts in their communities to address pressing educational issues, better leverage resources and have a measurable impact. ACCE's Education Attainment Division (EAD) exists to help address the business community's desire for better educational outcomes and to strengthen their position as the strongest voice regarding the need for a highly skilled workforce to meet the demands of our global economy.


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Division Mission

The Education Attainment Division will improve the capacity of chambers to engage their business communities to have a measurable and sustainable impact on cradle-to-career education and workforce development outcomes.

Division Principles

Read about the eight principles that the EAD is built upon, compiled from a discussion among 100 members of the Metro and Major Cities Councils

Program of Work

Read more about EAD Programming, including the Education Self-Assessment, Award for Education Attainment, ACCE Fellowship, Regional Innovation Award, and Convention Workshops.


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