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How to Win Friends & Influence People

by Dale Carnegie

You can go after the job you want—and get it!

You can take the job you have—and improve it!

You can take any situation—and make it work for you!

Dale Carnegie’s rock-solid, time-tested advice has carried countless people up the ladder of success in their business and personal lives. One of the most groundbreaking and timeless bestsellers of all time, How to Win Friends & Influence People will teach you:

  • Six ways to make people like you
  • Twelve ways to win people to your way of thinking
  • Nine ways to change people without arousing resentment

And much more! Achieve your maximum potential—a must-read for the twenty-first century with more than 15 million copies sold!

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The Character of Leadership: Political Realism and Public Virtue in Nonprofit Organizations

by Michael Jinkins and Deborah Bradshaw Jinkins

Leaders of nonprofit enterprises are often motivated by a completing vision of how the world should be. Too often, however, this prevents them from understanding and skillfully operating in the realm of pragmatic realism. For nonprofit leaders who want to succeed in their efforts to change the world without selling their souls, Jinkins and Jinkins offer a guide to pragmatic and principled politics.

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Why We Do What We Do: Understanding Self-Motivation

by Edward L. Deci and Richard Flaste

If you reward your children for doing their homework, they will usually respond by getting it done. But is this the most effective method of motivation? No, says psychologist Edward L. Deci, who challenges traditional thinking and shows that this method actually works against performance. The best way to motivate people—at school, at work, or at home—is to support their sense of autonomy. Explaining the reasons why a task is important and then allowing as much personal freedom as possible in carrying out the task will stimulate interest and commitment, and is a much more effective approach than the standard system of reward and punishment. We are all inherently interested in the world, argues Deci, so why not nurture that interest in each other? Instead of asking, "How can I motivate people?" we should be asking, "How can I create the conditions within which people will motivate themselves?"

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Enhancing Committee Effectiveness, Guidelines & Policies for Committee Administration

by John F. Schlegel, CAE

One of the most practical reference tools you can give your committee members, this handbook offers a quick how-to reference for carrying out committee responsibilities. The booklet provides checklists and sample job descriptions for both staff liaisons and committee chairs. Learn helpful tips for developing agendas, conducting orientation, writing reports, and presiding over meetings.

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Applebee's America

by Matthew Dowd

A unique team of authors -- Douglas B. Sosnik, a strategist in the Clinton White House; Matthew J. Dowd, a strategist for President Bush's two campaigns who has recently broken publicly with the president over the direction of the administration; and award-winning political journalist Ron Fournier -- took their exclusive insiders' knowledge far outside Washington's Beltway in search of keys to winning leadership.

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Career Building for the Chamber Professional

Career Building for the Chamber Professional

by Eric N. Peterson

Career Building for the Chamber Professional: A Definitive Guide to Moving Up in the Chamber World provides insights into the job search process for chamber leaders, and, by doing so, limit your zigging and zagging to reach your goal. This book is designed to offer practical advice and wisdom, based in part on the author's own observations and experiences, as well as comments from others within the chamber profession. The advice and tips here are designed to help you overcome some of the obstacles you may face and help you secure your next chamber leadership position. Don't let your chamber position be just a job, make it a career. "Fantastic! A 'must have' for any executive contemplating their next step," says Kristofer T. Johnson, IOM, President & CEO, Tri-City (WA) Area Chamber of Commerce.  Written by Eric Peterson at Waverley Partners.

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CCE Clock

CCE Clock

CCE Clock

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Chamber Executive Magazine

Quarterly ACCE Publication

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Entrepreneurial DNA

by Joe Abraham

It is becoming increasingly clear that the growth in our communities is happening in the entrepreneurial sector which is growing nationally by leaps and bounds and responsible for most of our major job growth.  Assisting entrepreneurs is an entirely different skill set than most chambers are used to and this book is IMMENSELY helpful in understanding how they operate, and how best to help them. It has made a significant difference for us here in Durham.

Recommended by Casey Steinbacher, CCE, President and CEO of the Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce

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Executive Charisma: Six Steps to Mastering the Art of Leadership

by Debra Benton

A proven six-step process for acquiring the style, flair, and credibility needed to make it to the top According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, managers who do not exude an allencompassing self-confidence, style, poise, and energy, in short, "executive presence," are highly unlikely to make it to the corner office. Unfortunately, the vast majority of managers, even the most talented and ambitious ones, are not born with these personal qualities. In this breakthrough book, bestselling author and world-renowned executive development coach D. A. Benton helps readers acquire executive charisma. In Executive Charisma, Benton outlines a proven six-step approach for learning how to think, act, and relate to others like an executive. She provides powerful tools for fine-tuning the complete executive charisma skill set, including: Interpersonal communications Managing upwards Confidence building Business humor Executive bearing, and more Drawing upon her experience coaching clients at American Express, Century 21, Merrill Lynch, Nabisco, Viacom, Pepsi, and other top companies worldwide, Benton clearly defines executive charisma and explains why projecting a commanding professional demeanor is so fundamental to corporate success.

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