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Welcome to ACCE's samples library. Here your ACCE membership grants you access to more than a thousand documents, presentations, and forms that have been used by your peers around the world to run their chambers. Summer 2015 Update: We've updated the search and you can now combine Sample Type with keyword and filter revenue size or search on the fields individually.

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Healthy Charlotte Council Toolkit - Charlotte Chamber of Commerce

This simple new toolkit from the Charlotte Chamber's Healthy Charlotte Council can help improve your employees' health and wellness and also help create a culture of well-being throughout your workplace. The steps to improved health and wellness outlined in these toolkit sections -- fostering healthier food and beverage choices, increasing physical activity among employees and preventing tobacco use -- follow best practices promoted by respected national organizations and are made available to you in this simple-to-use format.

Organization: Charlotte Chamber of Commerce
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Healthy Charlotte Council Annual Report - Charlotte Chamber of Commerce

The Healthy Charlotte Council is focused on helping make Charlotte nationally recognized for its healthy initiatives and robust health services industry. The council is focused on three key areas -- physical activity, nutrition and tobacco cessation, and uses the power of the business community to drive change. See also the Healthy Charlotte Council Toolkit, Healthy Charlotte Council webpage, and Healthy Charlotte main page.

Organization: Charlotte Chamber of Commerce
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Try It! Tuesday - Charlotte Chamber of Commerce

Try It! Tuesday is a fun nutrition initiative about making healthier food choices. Food is fuel, and every healthy choice that becomes a habit builds a healthier body and together, a healthier city.

Organization: Charlotte Chamber of Commerce
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Bringing P-TECH to Texas - Dallas Regional Chamber

As part of its ongoing effort to improve the Dallas region's talent pipeline, the Dallas Regional Chamber is leading an "educate for employment" effort to promote innovative education solutions and career pathways for students of all ages. Learn more about the chamber's work to bring the Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-TECH) program to Texas.

Organization: Dallas Regional Chamber
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Expanding Paid Internships in Tucson - Tucson Metro Chamber

The Tucson Metro Chamber and Tucson Unified School District are launching a new paid internship program to allow students to experience in-demand career fields. The initiative is an expansion of a recent pilot program for automotive technology students. Target industries for the expanded program include aviation, electrical, health care, hospitality, and sports medicine. See also the related video.

Organization: Tucson Metro Chamber Tuscon, AZ
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TUSD & Tucson Metro Chamber Automotive Internship 2016 Video

Tucson Unified high school students from Tucson High Magnet and Sahuaro High School participated in a paid summer internship program in auto mechanics. Tucson Metro Chamber and several Tucson auto shops provided this great opportunity. See also the related article.

Organization: Tucson Metro Chamber
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2016 Candidate Endorsements - Albany Area Chamber of Commerce

This document contains a list of candidates have been interviewed and endorsed by the Good Government Council, the political action affiliate of the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce.

Organization: Albany Area Chamber of Commerce
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Driving Student Engagement in the Workplace - Baton Rouge Area Chamber

The Baton Rouge Area Chamber released a new policy paper that urges the Louisiana Department of Education to ensure students are gaining real-world training in critical career-readiness skills through authentic work-based learning experiences.

Organization: Baton Rouge Area Chamber
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Kitchen Council aims to grow local food startups in Bluffs - Council Bluffs Area Chamber of Commerce

Kitchen Council is the Council Bluffs-Omaha metro area's first designated culinary incubator. Among its biggest draws for startups in the food industry will be a shared commercial kitchen that interested parties can use through a monthly membership. Designed to help area food startups grow their product, Kitchen Council also plans to provide help with the intangible needs -- marketing, accounting, networking and far more -- startup businesses need to succeed in the industry. The new incubator is a collaboration between the Iowa West Foundation, the Council Bluffs Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Omaha Chamber under the umbrella of its regional economic development partnership.

Organization: Council Bluffs Area Chamber of Commerce
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Employer Toolkit: EAD Best Practice - Nashville Area Chamber

The Middle Tennessee Reconnect Community is a local community organization dedicated to supporting every adult in the region who aspires to earn a college degree. Their main initiative is to help adults enter higher education to gain new skills and advance in the workplace. The Middle Tennessee Reconnect Community have created an “Employer Toolkit”, which highlights best practices throughout the region and provides a framework for implementing new workplace practices that support expanding education to help guide employees back to college.

Organization: Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce
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