QuickPoll: Gauging the Skills Gap

Is Your Community Workforce Career-Ready?

Total response for this survey was 104. The survey closed on February 27, 2015.

Question 1. Please rate your responses to the following questions:

1a. My business community has expressed concern with the quality of the incoming talent pipeline.

1b. My business community believes jobs are going unfilled due to a technical skills gap in one or more target industries.

1c. My business community believes jobs are going unfilled due to a non-technical skills gap (e.g., team work, communication skills, etc.).

Question 2. Please rank the importance to your business community of the following core skills necessary for successful transition from education to employment: 

2a. Critical Thinking & Problem Solving: finds, analyzes, and synthesizes information to construct arguments and propose creative solutions to complex problems.

2b. Collaboration: works well on teams, cooperates to achieve shared goals.

2c. Effective Communication: structures information in meaningful ways in both written communication and oral presentations, listens to and gives feedback.


2d. Self-Directed Learning: identifies areas for improvement, seeks professional development, adaptive.


2e. Academic Mindset: confident, persistent, learns from and supports colleagues.

2f. Mastery of Core Academic Content: foundational skills such as reading, writing, math, and science.

3. Please select which of the following steps your business community has taken to help address identified skills gaps in target industries: 

3a. My business community partners with local high schools to offer work-based learning opportunities such as summer employment, internships, job shadowing, etc.

3b. My business community partners with local colleges or trade schools to offer training for target industries.


3c. Representatives from my business community serve on the local or state Workforce Investment Board (WIB) to voice the skills industry needs for employees to succeed in a globally competitive workforce.

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