QuickPoll: Developing the Character of Our Future Workforce

Total response for this survey was 65. The survey closed on March 21, 2017.

High-quality educational experiences - both inside and outside of the classroom - help youth develop the knowledge, skills, and character (e.g., emotional awareness, self-management and goal setting, relationship skills, and responsible decision making) needed to participate fully as informed citizens and our future workforce. Many chambers work with local youth-serving organizations to ensure the business community is supporting the development of their future workforce. This QuickPoll was intended to gauge how chambers are involved in youth character development initiatives and will help ACCE determine areas of interest and need from our members, as well as identify best practices in this work as part of ACCE's Education Attainment Division (EAD) interest areas. See also our new Chamberpedia page on character and soft skills development.

Q1. How does your chamber engage with local youth-serving organizations (e.g., Boys and Girls Club, 4-H, Girls, Inc., etc.) in your community? (check all that apply)

"Other" Comments:

  • We work with service clubs & schools to provide programs
  • Champaign Urbana Cradle to Career

Q2. If you are not currently working with youth-serving organizations, what are the barriers preventing your chamber from engaging? (check all that apply)

"Other" Comments:

  • Community College is leading the effort
  • Still in alignment phase
  • Other Efforts
  • Knowlege

Q3. If your chamber is leading youth development efforts and/or working with youth-serving organizations to develop local youth, which of the following do you engage in:
(check all that apply)

"Other" Comments:

  • Work skills
  • Supporting school district with job shadowing, internships, ACP planning
  • Chamber High School Business Challenge
    Incorporate a rep from each school at our Capitol Day
  • YEA!
  • CHOICES (; BEST Robotics (

Q4. If your chamber is engaged in youth development initiatives, as indicated above, is this work done:

"Other" Comments: 

  • Out of school youth

Q5. Which of the following ACCE resources/supports would you be interested in to help your chamber engage in community partnerships to develop the character of the future workforce?

"Other" Comments: 

  • Currently, I'm uncertain what this best looks like.


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