What is a SEAN?

State Executive Association Network (SEAN) is the networking group for leaders of their state chamber executive association.  SEANs are charged with providing professional development and support for the chamber executives in their state and region.  The SEAN network features a collection of samples specific to SEANs as well as contact information for each SEAN director and a running calendar of SEAN meetings. 

Join Our LinkedIn Discussion Group

If you haven't already registered on LinkedIn, a social network for business professionals, you can do so here at  We have a group set up for SEANs, which you can find here.  You'll have to register for LinkedIn and sign up for the group to contribute.

Get Involved

To become more involved, submit samples or submit dates for the calendar, contact Min Lin via email or at 703.998.3534 and she will connect you with your fellow SEAN peers.


SEAN Scholarships: ACCE 2013 Convention

Click here to submit your SEAN application form.

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