QuickPoll: Obesity Prevention/Corporate Wellness

Total response for this survey was 90. The survey closed on June 19, 2014.

1. Does your chamber promote corporate wellness programs now or plan to promote it in the future?


 1a. If you answered "yes" to question 1, please check the boxes below that reflect your chamber's involvement in corporate wellness:

 "Other" responses (26 total) here included the following:

  • We are establishing a wellness plan for our staff in FY15   
  • Have hosted educational conferences and roundtables to promote wellness plans   
  • Topic of our Health Care Committee   
  • We are preparing to launch a wellness initiative for our membership   
  • Through events   
  • Annual breakfast program on wellness   
  • We have had a sub committee of our education committee for five years    Anonymous
  • Can't do it all; we partner with others to get this done.   
  • Part of a regional initiative to award businesses that promote workplace wellness   
  • We have asked our hospital system to engage with us and they are receptive
  • We have an active wellness council   
  • Host a corporate challenge 5K Run/Walk   
  • We have a wellness taskforce internally   
  • We have a wellness committee of the chamber that oversee our wellness involvement
  • Participate in a coalition   
  • One of members is offering a special promotion for their fitness center.   
  • Belong to silver sneakers   
  • It is part of our Chamber led community-wide strategic plan.   
  • Will launch a major health and wellness initiative in late summer or early fall.   
  • Determining if we can become a BLUE ZONE community   
  • It is a community priority upon which we are working with other partners.   
  • Put on a Wellness Expo   
  • Annual healthy Workplaces event and 2-3 seminars   
  • We have a Health Focus of the Month in our monthly newsletter.   
  • The issue has not come up at staff, Board of Directors or other meetings.   
  • Serve on county-wide committee addressing this topic

 2. Does your chamber promote childhood wellness now or plan to promote it in the future?


 2a. If you answered "yes" to question 2, please check the boxes below that reflect your chamber's involvement in supporting childhood wellness:

  "Other" responses (15 total) here included the following:

  • Local child care ordinance under consideration   
  • Preparing to launch an effort with the schools   
  • We partner with another initiative in the community.   
  • It's part of our legislative agenda   
  • Participate in a coalition   
  • We are part of a community wide coalition that addresses this.   
  • Our 3 high schools culinary arts programs cater 3 monthly breakfasts (2)
  • Participate in community-wide effort on Early Care and Education incl. wellness   
  • BLUE ZONE initiative and reflected in Competitive Assessment research (2)
  • Wellness Expo   
  • If we do a program, it will be promoted community wide   
  • Growing Healthy Habits is a community organization to promote healthy habits   
  • Provide surveys, information, and reports to members

 3. How would you rate your community's attitude towards preventing childhood obesity?


 4. How would you rate your members' concern about employee/family wellness as it affects the current workforce? (increased health care premiums, decreased employee productivity or absenteeism related to their own or their children's health problems)


 5. What would your members say about the potential impact of childhood obesity on your future workforce?


 6. What would your reaction be if ACCE offered sample op-eds, business-friendly flyers or other informative materials on the topic of childhood obesity prevention and its effects on business productivity? Please include additional resources or comments in the "other" category.


 7. What kind of services/supports would you like to receive from ACCE on employee wellness and corporate wellness, including childhood obesity prevention? (check all that apply)

 "Other" responses (8 total) here included the following:

  • Research on bottom line benefits to child wellness programs   
  • Speaker suggestions   
  • Info on foundations looking to fund innovative programs.   
  • Funding possibility for personnel to run program effectively   
  • Working examples of wellness challenges   
  • Social media / blog posts   
  • None   
  • Best practice sharing


For questions or more information on this QuickPoll or on the Education Attainment Division, please contact Jessie Azrilian, Director of Education Partnerships.

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