Below you will see links to charts and graphs created from responses to ACCE QuickPolls. These polls typically take 5 minutes or less and gauge member's opinions on new and evolving issues. If you have an idea for a future QuickPoll, please email [email protected]

Smart Justice and Fair Chance Hiring (June 2017)

Chamber Involvement in Afterschool STEM (May 2017)

Developing the Character of Our Future Workforce (March 2017)

Capital Campaigns (February 2017)

Human Resources (November 2016)

Chamber Events (October 2016)

Chamber Building Locations (May 2016)

Chamber Foundations (December 2015)

Health Insurance, the Affordable Care Act and Small Businesses (September 2015)

Health Insurance Exchanges (September 2015)

Membership Management Software (July 2015)

Affinity Programs (April 2015)

Gauging the Skills Gap: Is Your Community's Workforce Career-Ready? (February 2015)

The Chamber Professional (November 2014)

Obesity Prevention/Corporate Wellness (June 2014)

Communications and Marketing Metrics (April 2014)

Education Attainment Division: Common Core Standards (January 2014)

Business Books and Recommended Speakers (October 2013)

Accounting Practices (August 2013)

Revenue Models (April 2013)

Human Resources (December 2012)

Political Action (October 2012)

Finances and Program Decisions (September 2012)

Chamber Events (June 2012)

Generations (May 2012)

Chamber Websites (April 2012)

Diversity Initiatives (March 2012)

Education and Workforce Development (January 2012)

Trustee-Level Memberships (December 2011)

Affinity Programs (November 2011)

Membership Demographics (October 2011)

Fundraising Campaigns (September 2011)

Membership Management Software (August 2011)

February 2010 Poll Series


Last updated: 7/10/2017