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Outlook 2010:
Use Contacts as More Than Just an Address Book

See how to use your Contacts folder to store the e-mail address, street address, multiple phone numbers, pictures, logos, and any other information that relates to the contact.

Word 2010:
Add the Finishing Touches to Documents

Learn how to use the new Building Blocks tools to speed up the process for creating new content in your documents. Explore the many powerful options found within the Reference tab in Word 2010.

Excel 2010:
Create Named Ranges, and Use Them with Advanced Formulas

See how a name (a unique description that you can assign to an individual cell or range) can be used in formulas in place of long cell references. Names can be applied as you create your workbooks or applied to existing data.

PowerPoint 2010:
Control and Manage the Flow of Your PowerPoint Presentations

See how to use tools such as the scheduling assistant or how to set up calendar groups to easily view your coworkers' availability or see which resources are available during the time you want to set your meeting.

Word 2010:
Gather Information through Forms, and Use Mail Merge to Produce Mass Mailings

See how to collect information from employees or clients through forms. Form fields can also be completed in letters and sent out in mass distribution using Word’s extremely powerful mail merge feature.

OneNote 2010:
Work with Specified Controls

Learn how to e-mail our notes and collaborate with others, making it easy to share thoughts and ideas from your notebooks. See how features for recording audio and video allow us to go a step further in creating content for our notes pages.

Outlook 2010:
Customize Your Outlook Environment, and Work with Options for Email, Calendar, Tasks and More

Explore the various customizations within the application in both appearance and functionality. Learn how to change the environment layout to personalize your experience with Outlook.

Excel 2010:
Control Data Entry, Secure Your Workbooks, and Do More with Excel 2010

See how to control the number of characters entered into a cell, and create a drop down list for easy data selection. Excel 2010 also provides the security you need to lock down an entire workbook, individual spreadsheets, or specified sections.

PowerPoint 2010:
Distribute and Integrate Presentations

Explore options such as: security features, property management, signatures, and checking for compatibility with older versions. Learn how to publish your presentation to a website such as SharePoint and how PowerPoint interacts with the other Office suite applications.

Word 2010:
Control Content and Layout for Your Documents

See how to take control of the layout of your content. Word 2010 features powerful tools for controlling long documents using Master views, arranging content through the use of tabs, and organizing information with columns.

OneNote 2010:
Organize Content, and Navigate Pages

Learn what OneNote is and the basics of using this application. See different ways to link content together in OneNote for easy navigation and quick searches across Notebooks.

Outlook 2010:
Customize the Appearance of Your Email Messages, and Share Outlook Content with Others

See how to save time by creating Outlook templates and using forms to customize the appearance of the message window. Templates can be used to specify fonts, background images, and colors, while forms take your template a step further by applying form fields to change the base form of the message.