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Without effective public school systems, communities will not be able to meet the economic, social and cultural challenges of the coming decades. An investment in early childhood education at the local, state and federal level is the foundation that helps cultivate a skilled workforce by narrowing the achievement gap and giving young children a solid base in critical early social and academic skills. Through a quality continuum of education and an alignment of early education to K-12, we will see increases in student success and impacts on our economy and future workforce. In order to adequately prepare our students for college and sustainable careers in a 21st century global economy, we must keep pace with increasing diversity and multi-culturalism, globalism, the changing job market, and technological advancements.

Unfortunately, too many students lack the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the professional world. Business leaders need employees who can put skills and knowledge to work to solve problems. We need students to engage in Deeper Learning, meaning they are mastering core academic content while also learning how to think critically, collaborate, communicate effectively, direct their own learning, and see the relevance of their schoolwork to success in the real world.

To ensure a vibrant future economy, we must change the way we approach education by involving new stakeholders: employers. Business professionals from businesses of all sizes can help students graduate from high school fully prepared to enter college and on the path to a fulfilling career. A concerted, collaborative effort made by local institutions can help identify areas where partners can work together to address pressing workforce readiness issues, better leverage resources and have a measurable impact. It is critical to emphasize business and community partnerships with schools, so that all students have access to education and training opportunities preparing them for high-skill, high-wage employment in a fulfilling career of choice. The region’s economy and community will thrive as a result.

A new partnership leveraging the powerful network of the American Chamber of Commerce Executive’s membership with the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce’s expertise in strengthening education systems, policy, and programs is expected to dramatically enhance the nature of business involvement in education and workforce development issues at the regional, state, and national level. Through convening and surveying chambers throughout the U.S. to determine capacity, aspirations, and perceived challenges to engagement on issues such as workforce development and education reform, the partnership is establishing a national network of leading practices to assist chambers and their members in engaging more deeply and effectively in educational outcomes.

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EDWD Partners

Directory of strategic partners engaging the business community in increasing regional education outcomes and workforce development opportunities.

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